Hardstand, Bridge Marina, Tauranga
The hardstand operated by Bridge Marina Travelift Ltd, is situated within the grounds of the Tauranga Bridge Marina site, 101 Te Awanui Drive, Tauranga, Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand.
The hardstand is a hub for boating professionals who are on hand to offer their skill, advice and expertise including the team of marine painters from Bridge Marina Travelift Ltd. Boat owners are permitted to carry out their own repairs and maintenance while on the hard. Operating 6 days a week, the fully sealed and enclosed yard, with facilities for 30 freestanding vessels, is accessible to boat owners 24/7. Boaties are permitted to stay on their boats while they are on the hard. There is also a 24-hour security service maintaining an ever watch-full eye on your boat.

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Haul-out and Yard Rates/Charges

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Certified Propspeed Applicators

We are 'Certified Propspeed Applicators' for the New Zealand invented product. Interested in saving fuel and engine maintenance costs?

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Antifoul Packages

Anti-Foul Paint Packages

We offer Antifoul paint packages for International Awlcraft, Hempel Olympic, Altex No.5 or Sigma 290 in Black, Blue or Red. Price includes travel-lift out, water-blast, wet-sand & 3 days hardstand.

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