Anti-Fouling, Tauranga Hardstand
Save yourself a whole lot of work and get Bridge Marina Travelift Ltd of Tauranga, to anti-foul your vessel. Our staff have all the equipment to efficiently and safely carry out this dangerous work.
Our staff can prepare your vessel for antifouling and apply the antifoul paint. We offer International Awlcraft, Hempel Olympic, Altex No.5 or Sigma 290 Paint Brands and supply the paint as part of our antifouling package. If boat owners prefer a different brand of antifoul product, this can be arranged and applied.

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Antifoul Costs

Anti-Fouling Rates/Charges

We can professionally prepare and apply anti-foul paint to your vessel. Please refer to rates based on boat length and Travel Lift options.

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Certified Propspeed Applicators

We are 'Certified Propspeed Applicators' for the New Zealand invented product. Interested in saving fuel and engine maintenance costs?

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Antifoul Packages

Anti-Foul Paint Packages

We offer Antifoul paint packages for International Awlcraft, Hempel Olympic, Altex No.5 or Sigma 290 in Black, Blue or Red. Price includes travel-lift out, water-blast, wet-sand & 3 days hardstand.

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